Successful Boxing
Successful Boxing
400 Tips
Andy Dumas & Jamie Dumas
A training manual with short tips and advice on effective punch combinations, defense, footwork and fitness.

The sport of boxing has always been a test of physical fitness and physical prowess. It started as a method of settling disputes, displaying a fighter's bravery, strength, courage, and brawn. Winning a fight held the victor in high esteem in the community. All these characteristics still remain in the sport to this day, but boxing has developed into more of a contest of skill, ability, talent, and commitment. Boxing had a primal beginning, with few to no rules and has matured into an intricate physical science of fighting.
Successful Boxing book cover
Successful Boxing - Forward by Marquez
Successful Boxing is the ultimate training book on Boxing. This indispensable resource for boxers, shares tips on how to improve skills and maximize performance. With forward by legendary World champion Juan Manuel Marquez, Successful Boxing is just like receiving private sessions with a coach.
Andy and Jamie DumasAuthors Andy and Jamie Dumas focus on how to master the individual nuances of boxing that will give you the winning edge. Both basic and intricate skills are addressed, featuring photographs of the world's best boxers and world champions in action.
Successful Boxing - The JabWhether you are new to the sport or a serious competitor, Successful Boxing will help reach the next level of skill development. The book features tips on every aspect of boxing.
Successful Boxing - Heavy BagIncludes tips to improve:
  • speed
  • effective punches
  • defensive moves
  • footwork
  • fitness
  • strategy and tactics
  • agility/endurance
  • road work
  • sparring
WBC Diamond BeltSuccessful Boxing is packed with tips and ideas to keep you focused during training, and is fully endorsed by World Boxing Council.
Successful Boxing - Road WorkAthletes will benefit from the suggestions and corrections that the authors prescribe. This book is useful for those who aspire to be in the ring and athletes who participate in boxing.
Successful Boxing - Punch CombinationsTraining and conditioning counts for the majority of time amateur and professional boxers devote to this sport. After working on fundamentals, developing the physical conditioning, agility, and style, the boxer is ready to test his or her skills in the ring and prove their commitment to the sport.
Successful Boxing - Upper Cut
Successful Boxing
is the perfect companion for any student of the Sweet Science.
Successful Boxing - Target Mitts
Coming 2011