The Straight Right
The Straight Right

The power of this punch is executed from the simultaneous rotation of the hip and shoulder, and pushing or driving off the ball of the rear foot, while stepping forward with the front foot. At the time of impact of the straight right, the right shoulder is closer to the opponent than the left shoulder. The hips are square, the chin down and the eyes on the target. The fist rotates the arm explodes in a straight line and punches through the target. Be careful not to wind up, lifting the rear elbow and telegraphing the punch. The left fist stays up to protect the chin.

This punch takes more energy and time to execute. The body will push off balance more easily and it is important to tighten the abdominal muscles to maintain the center of balance and proper alignment. The body and head are left open to counter punches and it is important to return to your protective balanced stance as quickly as possible.

The right cross is somewhat similar to the straight right, but the right cross has a slight arc as the punch is thrown across because of the slipping movement of the body while the punch is being thrown.

Some basic combinations using the straight right include: The one-two punch, (a fast left jab, then sliding the left foot forward to stay in range, rotate and a strong straight right), and double jab and straight right to the target, (two fast left jabs, sliding the foot forward to stay in range and the a fast straight right).

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