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Andy's - Inspiration:

To be successful in a fitness program you need balance, consistency and discipline. These things were passed on to me by my father Clifford "Kippy" Dumas. His career as a professional boxer took him all over the United States and Canada. Originally from Windsor Ontario he fought most of his bouts in his hometown, as well as Detroit and Chicago. He was onetime sparring partner to middleweight champion Jake LaMotta - also known as 'the Raging Bull', and he fought on the under card of the Sugar Ray Robinson - LaMotta title fight.

My father has the unusual distinction of being the first professional boxer of the modern era to win two bouts on the same night! After knocking out his scheduled opponent in the first round, he was invited back for an encore match, and won a decision.

Andy Dumas Many, many years later my dad's love of physical challenges continued and at the age of 68, he entered an indoor rowing marathon. This was a 48 hour team event attempting to set a world record. His numbers (mileage) surpassed rowers half his age! To my family and me it was normal. It was...well...just dad!

When I was in my early teens my dad purchased my first heavy bag. We hooked up a chain around this great old tree that we had in the back yard. He showed me how to wrap my hands, put on my punching mitts and he said one word...GO! Three rounds later I was completely exhausted. Pounding the heavy bag is a great source of tension release, a primal therapy of sorts. Not only does it burn serious calories and tone muscles, it also benefits the psyche. From that moment on I was... Hooked. To this day it's still the toughest workout I've ever done.

Ever wonder why boxers are in such great physical condition? The strong, taut conditioned muscles, developed cardiovascular system, superb agility and coordination have resulted from boxing's unique training workout. Webster's dictionary defines a fad as " a short lived fashion or craze." What I like to call "fitness boxing" is nothing short of a fitness frenzy that is sweeping North America. Fitness boxing offers something very unique. Unlike conventional workouts, boxing is not a means to an end, but is an end in itself. The punching bag offers not only fitness and strength, but perhaps more importantly, sport. The agility, coordination, and spontaneous creativity required by the punching bag far exceed the mental stimulation achieved with treadmills or stairclimbers. And just knowing that you can pound the heavy bag for 4 or 5 rounds heightens your sense of security and personal confidence.

Boxing is more than just throwing punches, every part of the body is used. Bobbing and weaving while throwing combinations works the arms, legs, chest, back, abdominals... everything!

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to spend time with some of the greatest boxer's to ever lace up the gloves. Greats such as Alexis Arguello, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Ken Norton, Floyd Mayweather Jr.—to mention a few. Recently I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with my idol Muhammad Ali. For decades Ali has inspired millions around the world to be the best that they can be. I hope the information on this website motivates you to stay Healthy and fit, and in some small way, inspires you to be the best that you can be.

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Jamie's - Inspiration:

To be ones personal best involves many aspects of life. And each one intertwines with the other. The mind, the body and the soul all work together, and if they are cared for, coaxed and massaged, each one of us can attain our very own personal best.

Jamie Dumas I believe in being physically active, to allow and to demand the muscles to reach, to contract, to relax, to extend, to push and to pull. The muscles need to be lengthened and shortened, the heart wants to pump and the whole human body awaits the many challenges and adaptations to physical activity.

Ballet was the first physical activity I was involved in and this specific activity includes many of the challenges a human body might ever desire. The training requires and demands focus, concentration, a developed fitness level, commitment and a passion. The muscles, the mind and the body must move in specified synchronism in order to produce a wondrous visual outcome. Ballet requires the development of strong, lean muscle tissue, practicing each movement, repetition after repetition, thousands of hours of rehearsal to obtain precise timing and extreme physical conditioning.

And there I was doing these wonderful petite tours across the floor, my head held high and my shoulder down and relaxed. AHHHH!!! Take a look at those arms and why are my hands in a tight fist? A quick jab and then a ONE - TWO PUNCH combination and I hear my boxing coach yelling at me, "Just what are you trying to do?"

Boxing and ballet are so very different, and yet so similar. The commonality of practicing very sport specific movements over and over, the focused attention, a delicacy of the reach and the swift unobtrusive responsiveness that becomes instinctive, set these two activities aside from others. Both disciplines keep you in touch with physical reality, kinesthetically aware of the appendages, muscles being worked until completely fatigued and resulting in exquisite bodies. Self-indulgence is not allowed. One's feelings cannot overwhelm the combinations or steps, and the movement must be allowed to speak for itself.

It is important to remember that a great performance cannot be possible without every element being met, however some days not all the elements are in our control. The best you can do is to prepare yourself both physically and emotionally and work to your personal potential.

Take pleasure in the preparation of creating a strong, lean, healthy body. Take pleasure in the process of the training and the development of the musculature so every move you request is strong and executed with perfection. Condition the heart so greater amounts of oxygen are more readily available for the working muscles and take pleasure in the ability to create movement, whether it be slow and controlled or explosive and dynamic.

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