The Left Hook
Left Hook

Classic stance, weight is on rear leg, knee slightly bent, transfer of weight to left foot, the left foot swivels inward on the ball of the foot as hips and shoulder start to rotate and body pivots. This creates a significant force that is transferred through the punch. The elbow of the hooking arm is bent at 90% and the inside of the arm is parallel to the floor. The punch is thrown fairly close to the opponent (close range), but too close or your hooking arm will end up wrapping around the back of the opponent’s neck. Thumb is up and knuckles point outward. The chin is kept tucked and the chin is protected by the left shoulder and right fist is kept high in a guarding position.

This punch is thrown outside of the opponent’s vision and is difficult to defend against. Right hook leaves you wide-open and better a combination would be a straight right with a left hook.

A good punch to execute after the left jab has pushed the opponent back. Jab and then a quick left hook can be practiced on the heavy bag. Develop a hook off the jab.

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