Jamie Dumas

Jamie SomervilleJamie has over fifteen years in the fitness industry, managing fitness centers, personal  training, developing and implementing a variety of programs & workshops for fitness clubs.

She is a trainer of new instructors, has an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Kinetics and a strong background in physical activities, especially in ballet.

Jamie in the ring Spending the last ten years intensively learning the fundamentals of boxing, along with her educational background and knowledge of the body and its musculature, she easily explains the activity of fitness boxing to the fitness enthusiast.

Jamie is the fitness supervisor at Huron Park Fitness Centre. Running over 50 classes and programs a week, she is a firm believer that fitness is for absolutely everyone.

Jamie with the Mayor  Jamie receiving 'The Partnership Award" from Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion.

 Partnership Award

The Partnership Award is given to employees who engage in a joint project or event with an external organization, association, service group or level of government where the outcome has demonstrated mutual benefits. The contribution must be critical to the success of the project. This collaboration must result in one or more of the following outcomes: a significant improvement in service to both partners; developed new or improved processes; and raised the profile of the City of Mississauga in both the public and private sector


Jamie's ultimate goal of helping people that need these (often life-altering) programs for serious health issues drives her to forge ahead and not let anything stand in her way.

The most important outcome of most of these partnerships spearheaded by Jamie is the impact on people's health. By providing accessible and necessary programs for at risk groups, Jamie has created a life-line for many people struggling with chronic illness. The benefits to these individuals, their families, the community and society are well deserving of recognition for the innovation and efforts of Jamie.