i-Box Workout Series: The One-Two Punch

The One-Two PunchEver wonder why boxers are in such great physical condition? The strong, taut, conditioned muscles, developed cardiovascular system, superb agility and coordination have resulted from Boxing's unique training workout.

Boxing is a sport that requires the athlete to be in the best physical condition of any athlete in the world. Their training routine includes all that is necessary to develop an enhanced fitness level.

The One-Two Punch provides a fun workout that challenges your aerobic and muscular capabilities, while teaching the dynamic movement of boxing!

The video includes the following segments:
Boxing Warm-up
Basic Punching Combo's
Advanced Punching Combo's
Intense High-Impact Cardio
Cooldown and Stretch
Running time: Approx. 60 min.
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Video Testimonials

"A nicely done video by Fitness experts Andy Dumas & Jamie Somerville. Watch out Tae-Bo we have a real winner!" - Amber Sports

"...The intensity and intricacy of the punch combinations brings the skill level high so you won't get bored. To achieve an aerobic overload, intervals of jump rope drills are included. The step portion simultaneously combines upper and lower body movements. Punches are nicely introduced in slow motion first. Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville take turns demonstrating and carefully cueing the intervals." - Health and wellness expert Valerie Kocin, B. S. - FITNESS WORLD

Ringisde Quote

"... A swift combination of boxing and aerobics makes The One-Two Punch an exceptional workout video. This unique program will help you develop cardiovascular endurance, agility, strengthen muscles and provide a challenging routine that's both dynamic and fun!" - Ringside

"The One - Two Punch has all the elements for an exhilarating workout: Sound boxing fundamentals for the upper body plus terrific footwork exercises incorporating the jumprope and the step. Well paced with a grooving soundtrack and clear progressions, The One - Two Punch is a workout which will have a powerful impact on your overall fitness improvement." - John Kim - JumpUSA.com


"Boxing isn't just for title contenders. The fluid agility of lightweight boxers and the heart stopping power of heavyweights can be yours without having to step into the ring - with The One - Two Punch workout video." - Muscular Development Magazine


"The One-Two Punch provides viewers with a solid tough-as- Ali workout workout at home. Instructors Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville keep the "Woo!" and "You're doing great!" chitchat to a bare minimum, as they lead three distinct segments of boxing punches, rope jumping (rope optional), and stepping with jabs and kicks. Dumas and Somerville are excellent instructors, the direction deftly mixes full body shots with well chosen close-ups, and the routine is original and effective. Highly recommended!"    - Video Librarian