i-Box Video

Boxers are the best-conditioned athletes in the world. Their training routine provides all that is necessary to develop an enhanced fitness level.

i-box is based on the training techniques developed for The One-Two Punch book. This dynamic video allows you to experience a boxer's workout.

Fitness experts Andy Dumas and Jamie Somerville lead the viewer by active demonstration through a series of structured information/exercise modules, presenting a cutting-edge routine that is unlike most conventional regimens.

i-box video cover"i-box" covers it all—from burning serious calories to improving cardio-stamina and muscle power, to releasing stress and tension in a workout form similar to that used by some of the world's best conditioned athletes: boxers.

Training includes: Shadow Boxing, heavy bag/speed bag and double end bag training, skipping, target mitts and the medicine ball...

If you want a new and exciting training regimen you'll find Fitness Boxing challenging and the results rewarding.

It's time to get in championship shape with i-box!

Available from Balazs Boxing www.boxingsource.com

Coming soon in the i-Box series: Training Camp & Roadwork for Boxers.