Huron Park Fitness Centre

Surrounded by beautiful parklands, Huron Park is your facility for recreation and wellness. The Centre provides a variety of physical and wellness programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Huron Park Fitness Classes
Try some of our innovative Fitness classes. A great way to combine all the components of fitness for a great work-out.

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes as either drop in or registration. Drop- in aerobic classes are included in the purchase of your fitness membership. Classes include: total body conditioning, low impact with weights, on the ball conditioning, step classes and much more. Over 50 classes a week are offered at Huron Park.
Personal Training
Huron Park specializes in one-on-one personal training and specialty exercise programs. Workouts are customized for each individual. Clients receive effective and safe exercise programs that maximize health and well being in a positive, balanced and comfortable environment.

Our staff will evaluate your fitness level through a fitness appraisal and design a program that meets your specific needs. Huron Park's training philosophy combines the science of exercise with attention to the mind, body and soul of each individual. Semi-Private Personal Training is also available.
The Weight Room
The weight room is packed with cardio and conditioning equipment including Treadmills, Stairmasters, Stationary and recumbent bikes, Rowing Machines, Elliptical Machines, Universal Equipment, Olympic Free Weights, and all sizes of bar and dumbbells. The weight room is supervised by professional staff available to help you reach your personal goals.
Huron Park Recreation Centre features a full sized gymnasium with a beautiful wood sprung floor that is great for a multitude of sports and recreational activities. The Gymnasium can be set up for Basketball, Volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, floor hockey and much more.
Skating is a great way to have fun and get some exercise! Huron Park offers a variety of skating programs for all levels.

Some of our programs include, Public Skating, Learn to Skate classes, Summer Lacross, Ball Hockey and of course Ice hockey. Our arena has 6 dressing rooms, and a spectator seating capacity of 900.

Whether you're on the ice playing, or in your seats rooting for the home team, you'll find Huron Park Arena the perfect fit for all of your sporting event needs.
The Huron Park pool has been providing the Community with swimming lessons and public swims since 1967. It is a traditional 25 meter, 6 lane pool with a depth of 12 feet in its deepest end and 3.5 ft in the shallow end. It is available to rent for birthday parties.

Swimming is the perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities. Huron Park offers a variety of swimming lessons for all ages and skill levels.
Therapy Pool
One of the newest hot spots in Mississauga is Huron Park's therapy pool.

The unique therapeutic qualities of the water can help you improve mobility, muscle tone and general fitness in a protected environment. With a ramp and stairs for easy access, it's ideal for supervised or personal therapeutic exercises.

You can try one of our unique water therapy classes or participants may bring a personal therapist or work independently. A qualified lifeguard and specialty equipment will be available for your use. The therapy pool may be rented separately or with the main pool.

Fitness Boxing
Fitness Boxing is one of the most popular and effective ways of getting into shape and staying fit. Traditionally, a boxers training regimen results in a lean and superbly fit athlete. Suitable for men and women of any age and ability, our fitness boxing programs will help you lose body fat and significantly increase your overall fitness level.

You can choose to work out in a group class setting or one-on-one with a boxing trainer. Whichever program you choose, fitness boxing is a safe, fun and effective form of exercise and one of the best ways of cross-training. It a diverse workout but enhances hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing.

The Huron Park Fitness Boxing Studio is equipped with, heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags and various other boxing apparatus. The studios also have 3-minute round timing systems to allow participants to mimic a boxing match by training for 3 minutes and resting for one minute and so on.

Classes are fully equipped with all the necessary gear: jumping ropes, boxing gloves, medicine balls and target mitts.

Filmed and edited by Andy Dumas
Physical Recreation and Active Living are Essential to Personal Health. Huron Park Recreation Centre provides an amazing variety of physical and wellness programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Huron Park Fitness Centre:
Located at 830 Paisley Blvd. West
Mississauga, Ontario
905 615 4820