Cliff Dumas
Cliff Dumas after a fight
Cliff Dumas after a fight (on the left)

Cliff Dumas at age 68

Andy was coached and trained by his father Cliff Dumas Sr. Who was a professional Boxer and sparring partner of World middle weight Champion Jake "The Raging Bull" LaMotta. Cliff was also a Canadian welterweight Champion.

Cliff has the dubious distinction of being the first pro-boxer of the modern era to fight and win two bouts on the same night! After winning his scheduled bout by a knockout in the first round, he was invited back for an encore, winning a six round decision.

Many, many years later, Cliff still loved a physical challenge and even into his late 70's he continued to do a boxer's workout. Skipping had become second nature, never missing a beat all the while working on agility, coordination and cardio-conditioning. Hitting the bags, kept his upper body muscles taut and strong. Weight training completed his workout program, strengthening his muscles and maintaining his great fitness level.