The Balanced Boxing Stance
Balanced Boxing Stance

This is the classic boxing stance, with left lead.


The balanced stance is the starting point for all boxing moves. If the stance is not executed correctly, it’s very difficult to perform the punches and footwork safely and effectively.

1 - Place feet comfortably apart. Put your weight on the balls of your feet. You should feel "on balance" and able to move easily. Put about the same amount of weight on each foot.

2 - Bend your knees slightly. Not too much or you’ll find yourself in a crouch, which can be awkward and tiring.

3 - Position yourself slightly sideways to your imaginary opponent. With front foot, hip, and shoulders in line ( This maximizes your reach and minimizes the target area.)

Left hand position: Top of fist in line with top of shoulders, elbow slightly extended but still in position to protect your body.

Right hand position: Fist close to your chin, elbow stays close to your ribs, perpendicular to the floor. Neck and shoulders should be relaxed not "tight".

The Classic Stance is also referred to as orthodox. Proper stance is the key to executing all boxing moves correctly!

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