Andy DumasAndy had the fortune of growing up in an environment that promoted physical activity and the training of boxing. At a young age he hit the heavy bag, worked on his rhythm on the speed bag, jumped rope and learned to move around the ring.

He understands the long hours of training, the commitment to the sport, and the intense mental focus that is required by the very best conditioned athlete.

As a Certified Canadian Boxing Coach and a Fitness Consultant, Andy coaches novices, fitness enthusiasts and amateur boxers on the fundamentals of boxing and fitness. 


Andy and the WBC BeltAs a sought after fitness presenter, Andy has been featured at major Fitness Conferences, various educational facilities, and is the host and producer of T.V. fitness Shows for Viewers Choice, Pay-Per-View Canada. His projects include the "The One-Two Punch", "i-box", "Roadwork for Boxers" and "Training Camp".  Andy is also the co-author of "The One-Two Punch Boxing Workout, 12 Weeks to Knock-Out WBC Fitness".  These projects have been endorsed by the World Boxing Council (WBC).

He is currently working on a new series of workout shows and another book on boxing. Andy is working with the WBC to develop the The World School of Boxing designed to reach all gymnasiums of the world to help trainers and seconds and guide them with the best procedures for physical training, medical basics and boxing tactics through printed material and videos.

Andy in the RingAndy has been featured in Men's Health, Muscular Development, Oxygen, Self, Muscle Mag International and Club Success magazine.  He is the resident Fitness Expert on the TV show "Real Life with Sharon Caddy" on CTS television.