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The Ali CenterThe architecture of the new Muhammad Ali Center reflects the humanism and ideals of the boxing champion who once called himself "The Greatest." We recently had the chance to experience this amazing Facility.

The six-level, 96,000-square-foot Muhammad Ali Center, bordering the Ohio River in the downtown section of the city where Muhammad Ali was born, does more than celebrate Ali's athletic skill and outspoken personality. Built also as an interactive cultural and educational institution, the Muhammad Ali Center shares and teaches Muhammad Ali's beliefs in hope, understanding, and personal best, challenging the "greatness" of people through awareness and inspiration.

Andy, Jeanie and Jamie
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More than memorabilia
Ali himself said he wanted more than a museum, stating, "For many years I have dreamed of creating a place to share, teach, and inspire people to be their best and to pursue their dreams."
The Ali CenterThe $80 million Muhammad Ali Center opened in November 2005 and was founded by Ali and his wife Lonnie. The Ali Center has 21,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, arranged around a skylighted, multilevel atrium space. There is also a 2,100-square-foot auditorium, two galleries totaling 4,100 square feet, an education center, theaters, distance-learning facilities, an archive and library, and 8,000 square feet of multipurpose event rooms on the top floor overlooking the Ohio River.
The Ali Center Muhammad Ali
Inside the ropes
The Ali Center has a lot in its corner. If people come simply to "see boxing stuff," however, they could be disappointed. Instead, a focus on self-discovery and personal growth are the Ali Center's primary jab.
Andy in the ringThe Center refers to a visitor experience as "nontraditional" since its main focus is not memorabilia. For example, visitors can go through theme-based pavilions, each using photos, film, music, and exhibits to showcase an Ali value he feels strongly about-six different Ali values in all: respect, dedication, confidence, conviction, giving, and spirituality..
Going the distance
Items on display include Ali boxing gear, such as gloves and robes; the torch he used to light the Olympic torch; and the jewel-studded robe bearing the inscription "The People's Choice," a gift from Elvis Presley. Ali wearing the Elvis robeMultimedia exhibits include films and video highlights of 15 Ali fights, including matches against Sonny Liston, George Foreman, and Joe Frazier, which climaxed with the grueling "Thrilla in Manila" in 1975; and broadcast interviews, particularly those with sportscaster Howard Cosell. And the "Training with Ali" exhibit, designed like Ali's training camp, has a regulation boxing ring with holographic images of Ali that jab and throw uppercuts to teach the rudiments of shadow boxing, the speed bag, and the heavy bag. The "camp" even has punching bags where visitors can measure their strength compared with Ali's. The library and archive contain Ali-related documents, including fight contracts, correspondence, speeches, books, tapes, and clippings.
There is also a 13-minute film entitled The Greatest, produced for the center and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, shown on a 20-foot boxing ring. Additional displays include those of Ali's writing and poetry, a photo gallery of Ali, and an art exhibit area featuring reproduction paintings and drawings of Ali.
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